Quote1 Unfortunately, your clairvoyant abilities make it somewhat… difficult for me to read your thoughts. I find similar obscurity in the minds of psychopaths and schizophrenics. Quote2
-- Detective Jones

Appearing in "Broken House of Cards - Chapter Six: Magical Geographic"Edit

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Supporting Characters:


  • Curly (First appearance)

Other Characters:


  • Lower East Side



Synopsis for "Broken House of Cards - Chapter Six: Magical Geographic"Edit

Detective Jones finds Madame Xanadu in the rubble of her home. Detective Jones and Madame Xanadu reveal to each other that they each have special powers. She quickly does a reading and then reveals to Dective Jones that her sister, Morgana, is involved. She checks up on mob-boss Vincente Delucia to find that he’s dealing with some mysterious artifacts. Detective Jones and Madame Xanadu intercede and take possession of it and it appears to be an alien helmet. Meanwhile, the Church of the Midnight Dawn is conjuring the “demon bitch” Morgana!


This story takes place in 1957.


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