Quote1 Too late to save the life of the latest victim to his blade. But now… another bell chimes! Quote2
-- Madame Xanadu

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While an angry mob forms to “deal” with Jack the Ripper, Madame Xanadu tries to deal with the problem in her own way – by traveling to a strange realm. In that realm, she finds a lady singing a familiar song walking with a strange man. However, her progress is blocked by the Phantom Stranger.

The Phantom Stranger informs Madame Xanadu that the lady most recently slain was pregnant – with the child of Jason Blood and that if she had acted better in Camelot, she should have prevented the Demon Etrigan from binding with Blood!

He then heads off to scare The Ripper, who is muttering about the “lovely mess” of a “filthy whore”, into the rat-infested sewer.

Madame Xanadu has decided she has had enough of The Phantom Stranger and makes a voodoo-type doll to capture and abjure him.


  • DC Comics' solicitation: Madame Xanadu is desperate to stop the brutal Jack the Ripper slayings and save the destitute women of Whitechapel. But it looks like the Phantom Stranger has other plans, and he’s been harboring them all along! Betrayal and love collide in the latest dynamic issue from comics legend Matt Wagner and skyrocketing art talent Amy Reeder Hadley.
  • This issue does not appear to have a story title.


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