Quote1 The winds of war again swirl over western Europe. And, by a newly harnessed form of “magic”, I now hear of its development in daily installments. “Newscasts”, they are called. I wonder… will technological “forecasts" be far behind? Quote2
-- Madame Xanadu

Appearing in "Chapter the Last: Of The Future"Edit

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  • Pauly

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Synopsis for "Chapter the Last: Of The Future"Edit

Madame Xanadu decides to come to America just before America enters into WWII. A “poppet” of the Phantom Stranger appears of its own accord. Madame Xanadu feels something is amiss and decides to see the magician Zatara for advice. After a sexual romp, Zatara asks Madame Xanadu to marry him, again. She declines, stating that he is destined to marry someone else and have a very special daughter. Madame Xanadu asks Zatara if he knows of the stranger. Zatara reveals that as a child in Italy, he believes that he met the Phantom Starnger, and that the stranger gave him a journal from one of his relatives, Leonardo Da Vinci. This journal, written backwards, helped Zatara learn to control his powers. Zatara then reveals that he saw the Phantom Stranger yesterday, and that he is contacting every magic-user who believes in order for a New Age. Madame Xanadu seems upset that she has not been contacted, or perhaps that she might be contacted. She goes about conjuring a spell to keep the Phantom Stranger away from her.

Meanwhile, Detective Jim Corrigan is on his way to becoming the most powerful magical force on earth. Madame Xanadu senses this and wonders if she should interfere. But, just then, she is summoned by Zatara! The Phantom Stranger has appeared, and he is bound by Xanadu’s spell!


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