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Magno created by Paul Gustavson
Publication information
Publisher Quality Comics(1940-1956); DC Comics
First appearance Smash Comics #13 (August 1940)
Created by Paul Gustavson
In-story information
Alter ego Tom Dalton
Team affiliations All-Star Squadron
Freedom Fighters
Abilities Hands can attract or repel metal, punches give electrical shocks

Magno is a fictional superhero originally published by Quality Comics. He was created by Paul Gustavson. His first appearance was in Smash Comics #13 (August 1940). He was one of the characters that were purchased by DC Comics when Quality Comics sold their assets. However, the copyright on these comics expired before that, making them public domain. Aside from a brief appearance in All-Star Squadron, he hasn't been utilized in any significant way by DC Comics since.

Fictional character biography

Tom Dalton was a lineman for an electric company until he was shocked and killed by 10,000 D.C. volts of electricity. He was brought back to life by a coworker, who used 10,000 A.C. volts. Tom Dalton became Magno. He was powered by the very electricity that saved his life, and he used it to fight crime with his magnetic and electrical abilities. He sometimes ran out of power and had to recharge himself by touching exposed wires. He was featured in Smash Comics #13-21.

Magno was contacted by Uncle Sam hours before the Attack on Pearl Harbor to join the Freedom Fighters and defend the base. Magno accepted, and died while fighting the Japanese, along with the other members of the Freedom Fighters. While most of the other members were revealed to have survived, Magno was not.[1]

Second Magno

A new version of Magno has appeared in the 2007 Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters series, as a member of the government-sponsored superteam The Crusaders.


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