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  • The first issue of this limited series was published with two variant covers of roughly equal distribution ratio. One cover featured a close-up of Clark Kent pulling open his shirt revealing the Superman symbol on his chest beneath. The variant cover featured a full-bodied illustration of Clark Kent with a picture of Krypton exploding behind him.
  • This is the first and technically final canonical appearances of the Post-Crisis appearances of Superman's birth parents, Jor-El and Lara. The flashback scenes involving the destruction of Krypton coincide with events revealed in World of Krypton (Volume 2) #4.
  • This series was published on a bi-weekly schedule.


  • As a teenager, Clark Kent owned a Cocker Spaniel named Rusty.
  • The number on Clark Kent's High School football jersey was 15.
  • Clark Kent is twenty-five years old by the end of this issue.
  • Metropolis celebrates its 250th anniversary in this issue. This date contradicts information provided by other sources.
  • Although Superman is conceived on the planet Krypton, he is not actually born until he reaches Earth. This is a major departure from all previous versions of the character wherein he was physically born on Krypton.
  • The date of Krypton's destruction is intended to coincide with the real-world publishing date of Superman's first appearance in Action Comics #1. This will not be officially established until Action Comics #600.

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