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Quote1.png Ohmigod. I think I peed a little. Quote2.png
-- Dylan Battles

Appearing in "Psychobabble (Part III of V) - Ghost in the Machine"

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  • Spencer Matthews Law Offices



Synopsis for "Psychobabble (Part III of V) - Ghost in the Machine"

Kate and Damon discuss their various love lives. Damon tells Kate that he might be able to hook her up with his boyfriend’s old teammate, Al. As the two continue talking, Kate discovers that flowers have been delivered to the office. She quickly reads the greeting, and discovers that they were sent by Doctor Psycho.

At school, Ramsey Spencer gets involved in a schoolyard brawl as he attempts to protect his friend from some bullies. He sends the bully sprawling to the ground with one solid punch. His friends look on in awe.

Meanwhile, Cameron Chase attempts to sneak out of Dylan Battles' apartment early in the morning. Mark Shaw arrives and blocks her path. He is stumbling about in the midst of an hallucination until Dylan slaps him back to his senses.

In New York City, Doctor Mid-Nite continues to run tests to determine Kate's genetic lineage. He cross-references her files with those of known JSA members in an effort to track down Kate’s genetic grandmother.

In California, Cameron Chase investigates a crime scene and discovers the latest victim of a serial killer calling himself Sweeney Todd. Before long, Sweeney Todd appears and attacks her.

Back at Kate's apartment, an old Flash villain known as Kilg%re bursts in and begins attacking them. The Kilg%re has taken the form of a five-headed mythological Hydra. Kate uses her power baton to electrocute the entity.


  • Kate makes reference to OMAC in this issue. Recently thousands of OMAC units began exterminating known super-heroes.


  • Doctor Psycho sends Kate a bouquet of flowers with a card which reads, "You could make a hawk and dove, stop a war with love...". This is also a line from the theme song to the 1976 live-action television series Wonder Woman.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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