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Marco Soldi

Real Name
Marco Soldi

Date of Birth
October 6, 1957

Place of Birth
Rome, Province of Rome, Italy

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Marco Soldi is unknown.

Professional History

Marco Soldi (Rome, October 6, 1957) is an Italian comic artist.


He graduated from a "liceo scientifico" (science based high school) and attended the comics school of Eugenio Sicomoro.

Starting 1980, he worked on various series, including Intrepido, Splatter for ACME, Lanciostory and Skorpio.

He has collaborated with Sergio Bonelli Editore since 1980, drawing Dylan Dog and Julia. He was the cover artist on Julia, drawing the first 157 covers.

He has also done a considerable amount of work for Il Giornalino, drawing the series Alex Barzini, and for Granata Press on Nero.

Noteworthy Issues

Julia Vol 1 1

Julia #1 (October 1998), his first cover on the series

Julia Vol 1 157

Julia #157 (October 2011), his last cover on the series


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