"The Avengers Protocol, Part 1"

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"The Avengers Protocol, Part 1"
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Quote1 J.A.R.V.I.S., activate the Avengers Protocol. Quote2
--Iron Man


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  • This episode was available for free download on iTunes on May 20, 2013.
  • As part of the Marvel: Share Your Universe campaign, this episode and an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man were available for free download via Xbox Video on Xbox 360 and Windows 8 for one week.


  • This episode draws several parallels with the Captain America and Red Skull body-swap storyline from Captain America Vol 1 issues #115 to #119:
    • The story involved Red Skull using the Cosmic Cube to switch bodies with his nemesis, in a scheme to kill Captain America by proxy. The two switch bodies here, though only because the Skull wants to preserve his life;
    • Captain America, in Red Skull's body, is teleported to Exile Island. The Captain is teleported also in this episode to an uncharted location;
    • The Falcon makes his comic book debut in issue #117. He also makes his debut as a superhero within this universe as well.
  • This episode was dedicated to Paul Mingyu Sang.

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