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Toby, an unhappy boy recently having gone through his parent's divorce, seeks escape in his world of comic books. While visiting with his dad the two of them take a walk through the woods to visit an old house that is being converting into a nursing home where his dad used to play with a friend before the friend got seriously hurt. At the house Toby is startled to find the Mole Man giving away thousands of dollars worth of number one issues of Marvel comics. His dad knows what they are worth and while he tells the Mole Man (who is dressed up like a Realtor) that he cannot accept them, Toby spies the Red Skull looking down from the window at him. The Skull vanishes, but Toby doesn't mention the incident to his father because his parents already have him visiting a psychologist weekly for depression. When Toby returns home he is shocked to find a news program reporting multiple sightings of the Vulture. Toby talks to his friend about returning to the house after dark and having a look around. When Toby arrives he overhears a conversation between Mole Man and Dr. Doom. Mole Man is relating the events about how the super-villains were brought to this defenseless world with no heroes and tells Doom he should stick with the plan, but Doom is contemptuous and lashes out. Toby draws back and Doom hears him. Toby flees from Doom and runs smack into the Hulk's leg which knocks him back.


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