Appearing in "Life's End Part III: Breaking Point"Edit

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Synopsis for "Life's End Part III: Breaking Point"Edit

Spider-Man and Wolverine have been taken down by the mind blast of the mutant girl they've come to save. Now her captors are closing in on the unlikely duo.

Appearing in "A Family Affair Chapter One"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Family Affair Chapter One"Edit

Stephen Beckley has returned to Earth for two reasons: 1) To find his missing son, and 2) To take revenge on his brother for ruining his life.

Appearing in "I Just Flew in From Poughkeepsie And Boy Are My Arms Tired"Edit

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  • Ekl'r (First appearance)

Synopsis for "I Just Flew in From Poughkeepsie And Boy Are My Arms Tired"Edit

Captain Ultra vs. Ekl'r, the demon without humor.

Appearing in "You Can't Go Home Again"Edit

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Synopsis for "You Can't Go Home Again"Edit

While flying through the void of space, the Silver Surfer encounters a strange phenomenon, a miniature black hole. On the other side the cosmic wanderer must confront, a Space Pirate, a beautiful woman and moral dilemma from his days as the Herald of Galactus.


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