Appearing in "Book One: Tortured Souls"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Ath'agaar (King of Erok, barbarian chieftain, killed by the Dark Lords) (Death)
  • Jhagur (as Michael "Mick" Jagger, houses the soul of Ath'agaar)

Supporting Characters:

  • Ren (killed by the Dark Lords) (Death)


  • Dark Lords (sorcerers, said to be survivors of Atlantis, all killed by the explosion of the Living Orb) (Death)
    • Koth
    • Hemuth
    • Eeyod
    • Zepharr

Other Characters:

  • Charlie Blodgett (deputy sheriff)
  • Linette Cumpston
  • Pete Mulgren (construction worker)
  • Myron Mooke (economist, in video)
  • Debbie Tokugawa (reporter, in video)
  • David Trepper's mother
  • David Trepper (houses the soul of Koth, killed by Jhagur) (Death)



  • Living Orb (Destroyed in this issue)


Solicit Synopsis:Edit

A story which spans civilizations and lifetimes — from sword and sorcery to high-tech warfare!


  • Wraparound cover.
  • Logo design by Fontes.


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