Quote1.png We've neutralized the gas, Tru. And now we've got hostages -- lots of 'em. All the Guardsmen and anyone else dumb enough to be in our reach. And one of 'em's going to die every five minutes -- unless you set us free! Quote2.png
-- Venom

Appearing in "Death Trap, The Vault"Edit

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Synopsis for "Death Trap, The Vault"Edit

Venom orchestrates a breakout at the meta-human prison known as The Vault and the Avengers and Freedom Force have to put aside their differences to recapture the bad guys. The heroes and villains end up having to work together to diffuse a bomb set by the Vault's warden intent on blowing them all away.


  • No number on issue.
  • No month on issue.
  • Joe Kaufman is book designer.
  • Rosen is uncredited.


  • Truman Marsh's Parents were killed in a Fight between super-powered beings.
  • Eddie Brock publishes a prison newspaper.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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