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Appearing in "Marvel Illustrated"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "Marvel Illustrated"

Premier issue of Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Special, later titled Marvel Swimsuit Special (published yearly).

Appearing in "Features"

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Synopsis for "Features"

  • Interview with Northstar: *Profile on Northstar - No Regrets?" - addressing the critics who claim his medals were won unjustly (by Fabian Nicieza)
  • "The Super Olympics: In the Savage Land... Look! Under the World! It's a charity! It's a Game! It's the SUPER OLYMPICS!" - Rob Tokar
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: "She-Hulk, The Lean Mean Queen of Green shares her Persona' No Prisoners Workout" - Jack Morelli
  • Surfing: Silver Surfer's style "The Silver Surfer- Still Hanging Ten" by Gary Barnum
  • Rockin' In the Free World: "Rockin' The Stone Age" - Dazzler with surprise guest Lila Cheney sing a duet and party on.
  • "Fun and Games": The heroes recover from the party hosted by Shanna, Zabu and Kazar
  • Wrestling: "Interview with Ben Grimm" - She-Hulk interview with Ben and a fight ensues
  • Boxing: "A Pize Fighter's Son" Matt Murdock reminisces about his father, Battlin' Jack Murdock

Appearing in "Swimsuit Shots"

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Synopsis for "Swimsuit Shots"

The Boys (and Girls) of Summer: Glimpses of Your favourite superheroes and villains in the hottest swimsuits of the ’91 season.

Appearing in "Advertisements"

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Synopsis for "Advertisements"

  • "UNDERWARE : Underwear for fit and fashion." Endorsed by Simon "Wonder Man" Williams
  • "ULTRA-X: Shampoo with new improved conditioning factors." Endorsed by Beast
  • "KRONEX WATCHES": Your time may run out before it does." Endorsed by Mr. Fantastic
  • "SPIKE": He did it in our sneakers." Endorsed by Quicksilver
  • "ATOMI-FLEX": Our equipment is as tough as you are." Endorsed by Hercules


  • A Marvel parody of Swimsuit Edition magazines
  • Makes references to the Super Olympics and a swimsuit charity hosted by Stark Enterprises
  • This issue also features ficticious interviews and notes from various superheroes.
    • On Location: "Notes From the Fashion Editor", Janet Van Dyne
    • "A Note From our Sponser" – Tony Stark
    • An Interview with Ben Grimm by Jennifer Walters
    • An Interview with Daredevil by Ben Urich

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