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Synopsis for "The Heroes and the Holocaust!"Edit

Spider-Man runs across a deadly plan and enlists Superman to help.


  • Cover art layout by Romita.
  • Plot suggestions by Wolfman.
  • Inks: figures by Sinnott, backgrounds by Austin, Janson, McLeod, Milgrom, Leialoha, Simonson, Layton, Breeding (uncredited), Rubinstein and Wiacek.
  • Back cover art of the Hulk vs. Superman and of Spider-Man vs. Wonder Woman by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.
  • This is the second Marvel/DC crossover ever published. Marvel and DC had previously collaborated on a treasury edition of The Wizard of Oz, but this is only the second time characters owned by both companies were used together. It would be followed by several other crossovers in the years to come.


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