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Marvo the Wonder Chicken is a character in the UK comic, The Dandy. The strip first appeared in 1990, and continued in odd issues until 1999. He returned in 2008 to tie in with the planned DC Thomson TV series.[1] The strip is "silent", only adding in words such as "Crash" and "Bang", and ending with Marvo saying "Ta-da". Marvo's sidekick, and biggest fan, Henry Thrapplewhacker XLIX, also appears.

Originally, the strip was drawn by Syd Kitching, subsequently by Jim Hansen, and took up half a page in the comic, and either one or two pages in the annuals. Jim Hansen was also drawing Jak and P5 for the Dandy, and Buster for his self-titled comic. When the strip returned in Dandy Xtreme 18 years later, it was drawn by Nigel Parkinson, who at the time was also drawing Dennis the Menace, Bea and Ivy the Terrible for the Beano, Dennis and Gnasher for BeanoMAX, and Cuddles and Dimples for the Dandy. It was dropped after Dandy Xtreme reverted to just The Dandy, with Marvo taking his final bow in issue 3507, dated October 9, 2010, but he returned again later in issue 3515, dated December 18, 2010. He has not returned since.


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