Marzolino Tarantola
Creative team
Creator(s) Franco Bonvicini

Marzolino Tarantola is the title character of an Italian comic series created by Bonvi.

The comics debuted in 1979, published in the magazines Il Corriere dei Piccoli and TV Sorrisi e Canzoni;[1][2] at the same time a series of animation shorts was produced for the RAI TV-series Supergulp!.[1][3] The stories were later collected in two books published by editor Rizzoli Junior.[1]

The comic consists in a zany parody of Albert Robida's Saturnin Farandoul.[1][4] It tells of Marzolino Tarantola, an adventurous, snob nobleman of British origins who took part at the car race Paris-San Francisco accompanied by the faithful butler Alfred and by Enrico l'Equipaggio (Henry the crew), a giant dumb black man that solves any kind of problem.[5][2]


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