Real Name
Leader of the Treens
Base Of Operations
Mekonta, Northern Venus

Unusual Features
Green skin
First appearance


The Mekon is the genetically engineered ruler of the Treens, a race apparently native to Northern Venus, a genius with an enlarged cranium but an atrophied, almost useless body. He is not the first Mekon, but is undoubtedly the longest serving (having artificially slowed his own aging processes) and is a cold, calculating despot obsessed with conquest. He claims to be without emotion but is also driven by a fierce hatred of Colonel Dan Dare.

The Mekon initially fought Dan Dare on a number of occasions (chronicled in the pages of eagle between 1950 and 1969) both as the ruler of the Treens and, on occasion, on his own (after the Treens deposed him). There have, however, been several conflicting versions of the Mekon's later life.

In one (chronicled in the New Eagle), he escapes from imprisonment after a century to find that his old foe Dare has died in the meantime, but is drawn into conflict with Dare's great-great-grandson Daniel. In another (chronicled in 2000 AD), also set decades after his original exploits, an older, apparently dying Mekon uses a revived but brainwashed Dare to aid him in restoring his power.

In another (recounted in Revolver), the Mekon has covertly taken control of Earth but is ultimately killed by an older, embittered Dare who gives his own life to stop him, while in yet another (as told in the Virgin Comics Dan Dare limited series), he attempts to conquer the Solar System with the aid of a quisling British Prime Minister but is again beaten back by Dare, who comes out of retirement to stop him. It can probably be theorized that these are all separate alternate universe versions of the Mekon.

Character Powers and Equipment



Flying chair.

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