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Over a hundred years ago members of the Mystikos Sect pooled together their financial resources in order to create Mercy General Hospital. It is one of the last privately owned hospitals in the nation, with one of the lowest mortality rates on the planet. Thirty percent of the hospital's annual gross profits are donated to various humanitarian aid foundations. In exchange for creating the hospital, the vampires only take donations of blood, and a small administrative fee.[1]


Beekman (Earth-616)

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Mr. Beekman already received a few complaints about Tony Marcheyk's attitude, so he immediately dismissed him when he got into a fight with Flash Thompson.[2]

Tony Marcheyk (Earth-616)

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Tony Marcheyk was a football player at Jefferson High School, who blamed Flash Thompson for ruining his career and his life after he injured his knee during the State Finals. Years later, when he was working at Mercy General, Tony ran into Flash and started menacing him. After he got into a fight with Flash and eventually punched him, he was immediately dismissed by Mr. Beekman.[2]


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