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Mexican Mousepiece is a 1966 cartoon.


Daffy's house is being invaded by mice. He decides to get them rid of them by sending them across the sea so some starving cats can eat them. He does this first by attempting to gain there trust, by pretending to be nice. The mouse however are distrustful of Daffy and go to Speedy Gonzales for help.

Speedy is well aware of Daffy's scheme, and he has one to counter it. He has them trick Daffy by placing the box on the wrong side of the fireworks, which injures Daffy. The mice then go to the other side of a cliff to get away from Daffy Duck.

Daffy tries one last scheme which involves catapulting himself across the sea. It doesn't go so well and he is flattened. Speedy then tells the mice that they should send him back to the sea.


This cartoon reuses the animated flying sequense from Stupor Duck (1956).

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