Quote1.png ...and it's in that forlorn hope that you've turned the man I love ... the leader of the Micronauts... into a mumbling, meditating monk! Quote2.png
-- Marionette

Appearing in "The Untouchables!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Little D and his mob
    • Schnozz
    • Skull
    • Bugsy
    • Jocko
    • Squash
    • Fred Flintstone


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Untouchables!"Edit

Commander Rann's band face danger, gangland style, as they find themselves on a prison world planet resembling earth where the only form of law and order is "The Untouchables."


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  • When the Micronauts visit Prisonworld, graffiti walls, and billboards, abound with several humorous homages to the Marvel Bullpen: Guice Shoe Repair, Shooter's Deli, Kirby Comics and Terry Austin where are you?

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