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Quote1.png I suppose. Everything they're saying is true. I just can't help thinking...whether it's this or something else...all it takes is for us to fail once. Quote2.png
-- Midnighter

Appearing in "A Failed World"Edit

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  • Bounty Hunters

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Synopsis for "A Failed World"Edit

The Midnighter returns from a mission and finds Void waiting for him. She teleports him to the future and shows him a future London where the Carrier has crashed into the city. He asks Void what happened and she says she is forbidden to tell him. He must find the answers on his own. Midnighter runs across some old villains while searching but quickly subdues them. One of them tells him how the Carrier crashed into the city after a huge battle between superhumans was fought.

Midnighter makes his way to the Carrier and finds his team, who are without Jenny Quarx and The Doctor, fighting the Bounty Hunters. He's told how Jenny Quarx took the baby universe, which served as the Carrier's power source, and disappeared to parts unknown. Due to the carnage wrecked across the Earth, The Doctor went mad and wondered off. His whereabouts are currently unknown. One of the Bounty Hunters tries to cause the reactor to go nuclear but Apollo quickly takes it, says goodbye to Midnighter, and soars into the sky where a huge explosion can be seen. Just then, Void returns and teleports Midnighter back to the present day.

After hearing Midnighter's accounts, the Authority are not too alert about the cataclysm as it is not too different from what they experienced in their exploits, and are self-assured that they can prevent this from happening. Midnighter, however, does not share their enthusiasm and state his feelings to his husband that "all it takes is for us to fail once".


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