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Quote1 You ever put a stunt like that again and, daughter or no, we go a few rounds. Quote2
-- Midnighter

Appearing in "Truth and Consequence"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Anthem
  • Strikeforce Republic (First appearance)
    • Minuteman (First appearance)
    • Firmament (First appearance)
    • Yankee (First appearance)
  • Security Team (Single appearance)[1]
    • Grant (Single appearance)[1] (Death)
    • Geoffrey (Single appearance)[1] (Death)
    • Gregory (Single appearance)[1] (Death)
    • Marcus (Single appearance)[1] (Death)

Other Characters:

  • None



  • None


Synopsis for "Truth and Consequence"Edit

Midnighter is still in the hangar of Anthem's headquarters, determining to bring down the organization. After Midnighter had decimated their security teams, in response, Anthem send in a superhuman team Strikeforce Republic in stopping him. However, Midnighter manage to defeat Strikeforce Republic and continue to disrupt the hangar's power systems, in which the leaders of Anthem finally realize that their only option is again to negotiate with Midnighter.

Sometime later, Anthem are at meeting table with Jenny Quantum and her fathers Apollo and Midnighter. Anthem share their intentions that they are no different from The Authority as both groups want to secure the safety of the masses only their methods differ. However, Jenny denounce Anthem's actions as nothing more than "propaganda terrorism," but see it as nothing so different from every government on Earth for killing people to drive their ideals. She settle down with Anthem that they are forbidden to commit "collateral damage" or her team will retaliate, and doesn't care of their so-called mission as the people had chosen themselves into buying Anthem's deception. After finishing their negotiations, Jenny and Apollo depart and leaving a leep-hole for Midnighter to kill one of the members of Anthem.

Midnighter later returns to Mindy's hideout and explaining to Mindy that Anthem continues it's operations with the conditions of having their database married to the Carrier's. Also, Midnighter reveals that he already know for some time that his identity as Lucas Trent isn't his, as Lucas Trent was a very nice man which gave it away and Midnighter isn't that kind of person. He knows that his daughter had orchestrate this as what she though best and thought wrong, but isn't really mad for her deception.

Midnighter returns to the Carrier to confront Jenny, who she has been nervously expecting him. At what seems like a tense moment, Midnighter kiss his daughter on her forehead and tells her, "You ever put a stunt like that again and, daughter or no, we go a few rounds." He then leave and return to Harmony, deciding to continue taking his identity as Lucas Trent. He also brought Mindy along to live with him, much to her displeasure.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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