Quote1 Just what is this BROAD talk? The name is Darkling! Both your mouth and actions are rude! I'll tolerate you no longer! Quote2
-- Darkling

Appearing in "Gridlock"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Delta 3 (Behind the scenes)
    • I
    • II
    • III
  • Thugs
    • Haney
    • Hannon
    • Hurley
    • Marv

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Gridlock"Edit

Three mysterious men, known as Delta 3, want to rid the world of law enforcement agencies and "hero" organizations. They create a "Grid Lock" diversion so that they can procure codes and listen in on all military conversations. Meanwhile, the Mighty Crusaders must stop a gang of crooks from detonating several bombs around New York City.


  • Zambini the Miracleman appears in only one very cryptic panel (it is also his last appearance in Archie Comics).


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