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Quote1 I am thinking about the old man. I am thinking about the cracking of his joints as he runs. I am thinking of the terror in his ancient, atrophied heart. Quote2
-- Dr. Jason Woodrue

Appearing in "The Anatomy Lesson"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Anatomy Lesson"Edit

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Vol 2 #21.


  • Reference is made to Linda Holland in this issue. Sunderland reveals that his company exhumed Linda's corpse, and examined it for traces of Alec's Bio-Restorative formula.


  • The splash page for this issue contains a bi-sected outline of a human body with the words "The Anatomy Lesson" placed between the sections. This is stylistically similar to the opening title card of the 1956 movie, Anatomy of a Murder.

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