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  • Art is credited to Rogers and Ilya Hunch. In the letters page of issue #20 Dennis O'Neil states that "Ilya Hunch" is a name he made up: "Who is Ilya Hunch? The answer is that he's a composite - actually nine very talented men. When he realized that he was running out of time, Marshall Rogers enlisted the aid of a whole bunch of his friends, and assigned each of them a character in the story." He goes on to list which inker inked which character: Mister Miracle by Rogers, Barda by Giordano, Granny Goodness by Mike Nasser, Kanto by Milgrom, Highfather by Abel, Oberon by Al Weiss, Bedlam by Brozowski, Vermin Vundabar by Austin, and Mister Miracle's eyes on page 1 by Neal Adams. "Ily Hunch" better known as Crusty Bunker is really a collective pseudonym for Marshall Rogers, Dick Giordano, Mike Nasser, Al Milgrom, Jack Abel, Terry Austin and several others from Neal Adams' Continuity Studios.


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