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41st State, Treasure State

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Harvey2 Galaxy
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145,556 sq. mi.
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Admitted to the United States November 8, 1889.

American Frontier

The state of Montana was visited by a number of active western heroes of the time. In the town of Bedrock Creek, the crooked Sheriff Dick Uphill framed Smokey Joe Underhill with a bank robbery. Kid Colt came to Joe's aid and assisted in clearing his name[1]. The Black Rider prevented a war between the local Blackfoot tribe and the soldiers at Fort Nobel[2].

20th Century

During the 1940s, a local tribe of Blackfoot Native Americans ailing leader Man-to sought find a replacement. Unable to find a worthy challenger in his own tribe, Man-to and accepted the offer of Daniel Lyons to take the test. He passed the tests and became their warrior the Black Marvel[3].

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