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Norman Osborn is furious over the Thunderbolt's recent failure to sanction Marc Spector, aka, Moon Knight. He berates Moonstone in particular, then introduces her to Oliver Finn, president of an organization known as the WHYOS. Oliver's connection to Moon Knight is that he bears the mark of one of Moon Knight's crescent darts upon his forehead. Whereas the Thunderbolts failed, Norman hopes that Finn's WHYOS will succeed.

Meanwhile, Marc Spector recuperates from his most recent injuries. The spirit of Khonshu berates him for his supposedly weak demeanor. Through the course of conversation, Khonshu reveals that Spector is not the only agent of vengeance in service to him.

Later, a group of WHYOs pay a visit to Frenchie's Café. Knowing that it caters to a homosexual clientèle, they ravage the place and hospitalize Frenchie's lover, Rob. Frenchie fights back, stabbing one of the thugs in the back, and biting off a portion of another one's cheek. As police sirens wail in the distance, the other WHYOS take off running.

Frenchie waits for hours at the hospital to hear word of Rob's condition. Marlene Alraune comes to visit him and expresses her condolences. Frenchie returns home and tries to commit suicide, but cannot bring himself to complete the task. He then visits the street urchin Bertrand Crawley and tearfully asks for his help.

Rage overtakes Frenchie and he visits one of the WHYOS' hangouts. He begins fighting them, when suddenly Moon Knight arrives and helps him out. He tells Frenchie to go to the roof where the helicopter is waiting, while he in turn chases the fleeing WHYOS out the rear exit. Moon Knight races out into an alleyway only to find Venom hovering above him waiting to strike.


  • Marc Spector returns to using his regular costume with this issue.
  • Bullseye appears on the cover to this issue only.


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