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Mordeth Sojourn.jpg
Mordath showing he is hard to kill
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Sojourn
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Mordeth
Species Undead
Team affiliations Quinn
Abilities Magic spells, Fire control, Cosmic power, Undead, Unkillable

Mordath is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. He appeared in Sojourn comic series as the chief enemy of the main character, Arwyn. Mordath is the Sigil-Bearer on his world.


Mordath looks somewhat like a lich, tall, thin to the point of emaciation, easily wielding magical powers.

More than 300 years before the start of the comic series, Mordath nearly conquered the five lands of Quin, but was beaten by a powerful and mysterious figure named Ayden, who gathered the survivors of Quin, defeated Mordath's army, and slew Mordath with an arrow.

300 years later, Mordath was chosen as one of the Sigil-Bearers and brought back from the dead. He this time conquered the Five Lands without intervention. He is opposed by an archer named Arwyn, and her companion Gareth. They are aided by the mysterious Neven.

Mordath is nearly unkillable. He is stabbed through the heart by Gareth and it doesn't bother him at all. He battles a red dragon (named Shiara) and mortally injures it. It seems the only weapon that can kill him is the arrow of Ayden.

If the final picture from Negation War is to be trusted, he is not killed by Arwyn but survives to join the other Sigil-Bearers in the effort to defeat the Negation.


  • Sigil Location: Top of Head.

There was some disagreement about who should be given the Sigil on the planet of Quin. Neven (who is a fragment of Danik and would normally be a mentor to the Sigil-bearer) says to Mordath:

I want nothing to do with you. I was never in agreement with your resurrection. (Sojourn #7)

Mordath is easily the most evil and ruthless of all the Sigil-bearers. Still, in his ambition to rule and lack of limits on his actions, he is similar to Seahn.