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Justice League (TV Series) Episode: A Knight of Shadows, Part I


Mordred was the son of Morgaine le Fey who desired to have a kingdom of his own. His mother, who kept him young by way of her magic spells, sought after the Philosopher's Stone, which an archaeologist turned hedonistic playboy named Harv Hickman kept in his bedroom in the modern age, as Mordred had discovered while playing around on a computer. However, the Justice League got to the Philosopher's Stone first and kept it away from Morgaine by keeping it in a high-level security vault, but Morgaine manipulated J'onn J'onnz's mind with the promise of being reunited with his loved ones on Mars in exchange for giving her the Philosopher's Stone. In preparation for the Stone's arrival, Morgaine transformed all of modern-day London into a grand and fearsome castle for her son, but J'onn soon discovered from Etrigan's mind her deceitful nature and crushed the stone before she could get it. Morgaine and Mordred escaped, allowing the castle to transform back into modern-day London.

Later on, Morgaine found the Amulet of First Magic, guarded by a statue's hand which she caused to unclench so her son could retrieve it. However, instead of handing the amulet to his mother, Mordred used its power to cast a spell to cause all adults older than he is to be transported into another dimension -- including his mother and members of the Justice League. Mordred then proceeded to turn a local park into his own dark amusement center for children, though he got stuck with the task of granting every child their wish. Soon the four Justice League members that return to the normal world as young children attack Mordred with the help of Etrigan, who has been turned into an infant. Mordred first turns himself into a giant to fight the robot machine the preteen Green Lantern creates, until Etrigan destroys the amulet, reverting him to his normal size. Then, taunted by Batman, Mordred used the magic power he has gained from the amulet to transform himself into an adult, but when he did, he got transported into the same dimension he cast his mother into, undoing everything that his magic spells had done. With the spell that kept him youthful now broken, all the years he was kept from aging caught up with him all at once, leaving Mordred to become such a withered old man that he could not look after himself, leaving his mother to take care of him. He now is cursed with eternal life, trapped in that condition for the rest of eternity.

Character Powers and Equipment

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  • Magic: After being enhanced by the Amulet of First Magic, Mordred gained incredible and powerful abilities.[1]
    • Template:Cryokinesis: Mordred froze the entire Justice League when they fought to free the world from his magic.[1]
    • Template:Eldritch Blast: Mordred could create powerful blasts of purple energy which disintegrated targets.[1]
    • Flight: Mordred could levitate himself and fly indefinitely.[1]
    • Immortality: Even before his enhanced abilities, Mordred had lived for thousands of years.[1]
    • Reality Alteration: Mordred created a kingdom for himself and banished adults to a nether realm. He created monsters from nothing and answered wishes without much care.[1]
    • Size Alteration: Mordred could grow in size and strength and stomp around destroying buildings.[1]



  • Amulet of First Magic

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  • He still has the mentality of a child, leaving him prone to immature actions and being easily tricked.
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