Quote1.png I should be driving toward Clarice's party -- but this tip is too important to pass up! Quote2.png
-- Jim Corrigan

Appearing in "The Spectre!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gat Benson (First appearance)
  • Louie (First appearance)
  • Ricky (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Spectre!"Edit

(adapted from plot summary at dcindexes.com)
-- Detective Jim Corrigan receives a tip from a stoolie about a robbery at a fur store. He single-handedly breaks up the robbery, earning the ire of gang boss, Gat Benson. Benson has Corrigan and his socialite girlfriend Clarice kidnapped. Corrigan is then sealed in a wooden barrel of cement and thrown off a pier.
-- After his death, Corrigan’s spirit is stopped from entering Heaven by a bodyless Voice, which tells Corrigan that he must remain on Earth to battle crime with supernatural powers. Corrigan awakens in the water next to his dead body. He rises up with newfound powers bounded only by his will. Hearing Clarice scream from the docks, and walking through a solid wall, Corrigan enters the warehouse to dispose of his foes.
-- To Be Continued.

Appearing in Wing Brady: "The Tuareg Siege"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Foreign Legion (Final appearance)


Other Characters:

Synopsis for Wing Brady: "The Tuareg Siege"Edit

Plot summary adapted from comicsodyssey
Continuing from last issue, Wing Brady and his men are defending Fort Miranda from an Arab tribe known as the Touaregs. Wing uses some rudimentary tactics to defeat them.

  • This is Wing Brady's final appearance.


  • Henrietta
  • Biff Bronson: "The Marching Mechanical Men" by Al Sulman
    • Plot summary adapted from comicsodyssey
      A mad scientist known as the Wizard has built a robot army, and he uses it to steal all of the silver from West Point. Biff Bronson disables a robot, figures out that he can use it as a disguise, and determines to infiltrate the Wizard's hideout. To be continued!
  • Radio Squad: "The Bank Robbery" by Jerry Siegel and Martin Wheeler
    • Sandy and Larry go up against a safe manufacturer who has rigged his safes with secret panels that conceal the treasure placed within. He then plans to buy back the seemingly looted safes and collect the treasure himself.
  • "Bust Up in Borneo" by Jack Anthony (text story)
  • Lt. Bob Neal of Sub 662: "Return to the Canal Zone" by B. Hirsch and R. Lehman
    • Bob and Tubby go up against a disguised yacht that is laying mines in the Panama Canal. It's continued next month, even though the story seems to be over. Perhaps whatever foreign power is responsible for the plot will retaliate.
  • King Carter: "Peril on the Ice Plains" by Paul J. Lauretta
    • King and Red are in the Arctic, searching for a lost research expedition. It turns out that the expedition was killed by a rival outfit, who wanted the reward money for scientific data about the Arctic for themselves.
  • Detective Sergeant Carey: "The Studio Mystery" by Joe Donohoe
    • Carey investigates a murder on a movie set, in which an actor was shot while filming a scene but nobody can find the gun. The culprit turns out to be a cameraman, who killed the actor with a gun inside the camera.
  • Sergeant O'Malley of the Red Coat Patrol: "The Terror in Beaver Run" by Jack Lehti
    • O'Malley goes up against a gang of robbers who have their hideout in a secret room behind the local bank. Readers are misled to believe they were living behind a waterfall, but they're not.
  • Bulldog Martin: "The Invisible Pills" by Bart Tumey
    • Bulldog is left a bottle of invisibility pills by a deceased scientist (Prof. Livix) and uses it to break up a gang of union racketeers. Later in this series, he'll still have the pills.


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