Quote1 That's another thing I'm sorry about -- the engagement is off! Quote2
-- Jim Corrigan

Appearing in "The Spectre Strikes!"Edit

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  • Gat Benson dies, is resurrected
  • Ricky dies, is resurrected
  • Louie dies, is resurrected

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Synopsis for "The Spectre Strikes!"Edit

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-- Jim Corrigan, having recently been restored to life as the Spectre, enters the warehouse where his killers hold Clarice Winston. Corrigan frightens one man to death and touches two others, reducing them to a pile of bones. Clarice has been shot during the scuffle, but Jim revives her with a touch. Finally he summons the police. When the police arrive, Jim restores the hoods and turns them over to the police. Because he is not truly alive, Jim does not tell Clarice what happened. Instead he breaks off his engagement with her and makes a clean start. At his boarding-house room, with needle and thread, he fashions a green and white costume for himself, and begins his mission as the Spectre.

  • At the end of this episode, Clarice Winston has been kidnapped once and shot once.
  • Spectre (net) body count = 0. Per page 8, panel 1 of this story, Gat Benson, Louis Snipe, and Ricky all got up and walked away from that warehouse, in police custody.
  • This version of this story is set on Earth-2. Other-Earthly and parallel-world versions of Gat Benson may indeed have permanently died that day, on "New Earth," and/or on Earth-post-COIE, and/or especially on Earth-1 (see The Spectre #5 Aug 1968); those are different stories.
  • Spectral Powers: 1/ invisibility, 2/ intangibility, and 3/ delivering death with a glance. He also 4/ can fly and hover and 5/ can materialize in multiple locations simultaneously, 6/ can heal wounds with a touch, and 7/ can revive dead gangsters, albeit in a mindless state.

    Appearing in Captain Desmo: "Submarine Pirates"Edit

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Synopsis for Captain Desmo: "Submarine Pirates"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • The Spectre Strikes is reprinted in Golden Age Spectre Archives 1 and Secret Origins #5.
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