Appearing in The Spectre: "The Spiritualist"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Swami Rhani Set (Death)
  • Rhani"s assistant (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Winston (Clarice's mother)




Synopsis for The Spectre: "The Spiritualist"Edit

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  • The Spiritualist is reprinted in Golden Age Spectre Archives 1.
    • At the end of this issue's "The Spectre" story, Clarice Winston has been shot once and kidnapped twice.
    • Spectre body count = 2. (The Spectre scares Rhani Set and his assistant to death. Unlike Gat Benson's gang, they are not resurrected.)
    • In this issue's story, a second conversation takes place between The Voice and The Spectre, in which Corrigan is offered his chance at eternal rest, but he chooses instead to return to Earth to rescue Clarice. (This is the first and only time that The Voice offers The Spectre a choice about anything.)
  • Aside from the stories above, this issue contains:


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