Morgan Stryker

Real Name
Colonel Morgan Striker
Current Alias

Unusual Features
has cyber eye and three right arms
Marital Status
First appearance


Colonel Morgan Striker is a former U.S. Army colonel with extensive combat training and mercenary capabilities. He has three arms on his right hand side, and the normal amount (one) on the left. He is a weapons and military expert. Stryker was one of the original SHOC’s that mutinied from under Cyberdata’s control, and formed Cyberforce. From very early in the series, he was paired with Ballistic, aka Cassie Lane, who was quite similar to him in most respects. They both had their arms replaced by cybernetics, with Stryker having all three of his rights arms replaced, and a large portion of his chest as well as his right eye. Both characters were written as very worldly, and both smoke and drink almost constantly. Stryker is similar in appearance to Cable Summers, from the Marvel X-Men universe, although only in appearance. Stryker is a highly skilled mercenary, with near perfect hand-eye coordination and aim. He also has extensive knowledge on tactics, weapons and hand to hand combat. His unconventional relationship with Ballistic appears to be quite casual, as neither show much affection for the other, but remain exclusive to one another. He has yet to appear centrally in the newest incarnation of Cyberforce, although in the #5 issue, he is shown at the beginning watching a fireball cross the sky. Unbeknownst to Stryker, the fireball is actually his former teammates inside an alien ship crashing towards the earth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Stryker has almost perfect aim, and two additional arms on his right side (for a total of four). All three right arms were removed and cybernetically replaced by Cyberdata. He is a former U.S. Army Colonel and an expert mercenary. If left to his own devices, he will walk in right handed circles due to being off balance.



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