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Kingdom of Morocco

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Kingdom of Morocco
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Morocco; Tagldit n Lmeghrib; المملكة المغربية

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710,850 km² (172,487 sq mi)
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32,878,400 (2013 estimate)
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In 1941, Janos Prohaska had a slight encounter with Death Mayhew in the streets of Morocco, outside the hotel room of American-Jewish gangster Emil Blonski. Janos attempted to retrieve a stolen atomic weapon from Nazi agents, but failed.

Assassins Merlyn and Syonide were sent to Casablanca in Morocco to kill a defecting Russian scientist and his bodyguard, Phantom Lady, but were foiled with the help of the Flash.

Morocco was also one of the countries visited by amateur occultist Gary Lester. This was during a time when Gary was heaviliy addicted to drugs, shortly before falling sway to the hunger demon Mnemoth.

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