In the Archie Comics universe, Mr. Svenson (also Mr. Svensen) is the custodian at Riverdale High School. A Swede, he is bashful and speaks with a thick accent that is often hard for Archie and the gang to understand. He also always says 'By Yiminy!'. However, he is extremely hard-working and, although they don't always show it, he is widely admired by the students at Riverdale High. He is quite friendly with the cafeteria chef Miss Beazley. His birthday is June 21. He first appeared in Archies Jokebook #35.

Svenson isn't the most brilliant, but can be fairly practical in his deductions. Once a new photocopier turned out to be a dud, and Svenson observes to Weatherbee that, after making x number of other copiers (one less than the model number), the manufacturer ought to know. On another occasion, he reported to Weatherbee that the school had exhausted its supply of paper, notepads, pens, pencils and other items; Weatherbee told him to simply make out a requisition; Svenson replied, "Vit vot?"

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