Music for Mechanics
Cover of Music for Mechanics
Publication information
Publisher Fantagraphics
Genre Alternative comics
Publication date October 1985
Creative team
Writer(s) Los Bros Hernandez
Artist(s) Los Bros Hernandez

Music for Mechanics is the first sequential collection of the American comic book series Love and Rockets written and drawn by Los Bros Hernandez and published in 1985.

The cover of the book is by Jaime Hernandez and the preface by Carter Scholz.


These first stories, dated 1981-1985, are very science-fiction oriented, adding monsters and Dinosaurs and extra-terrestrials to the first Latino themes, and some stories and themes may or may not be considered canon with the universes developed by the brothers in later books.

No. Title Author Pages Comments
1. Mechan-X Jaime Hernandez 8 Signed "Izzy Ruebens"; introducing characters Maggie and Hopey
2. Locas Tambien Jaime 4
3. How to Kill a Jaime 4 Signed "Isabel Ruebens"; not listed in the "Contents" of the book
4. BEM Gilbert Hernandez 40 5 parts; introducing character Luba)
5. Barrio Huerta Jaime 1
6. Penny Century, You're Fired Jaime 1
7. Music for Monsters I Gilbert 6
8. Mecanicos Jaime 6
9. Mechanics Jaime 41 Introducing wrestling
10. Radio Zero Gilbert 10
11. Music for Monsters II Gilbert 4
12. Somewhere in California Mario Hernandez 10
13. A Little Story Gilbert 6 Village of Palomar first appearance, not cited though
Cover gallery Los Bros Hernandez 4


Next album : Chelo’s Burden.

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