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Synopsis for "Darkness Visible"

As the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and their allies battle the Psycho-Warriors, Cyclops is killed by gunfire.  At the cost of their lives, Archangel, Beast, and Iceman clear a path for the others to break through, and Dark Angel has Colossus seal the corridor behind them with debris.  Jean Grey is distraught over Cyclops’s death, and Professor X tries to console her, but Dark Angel insists the assembled heroes must press on.  Just as they notice Captain America and Wolverine are missing, the Psycho-Warriors break through and kill Thor.  Several levels below, Motormouth explains to Captain America that she and Killpower are on his side.  But Wolverine, in a berserker rage, attacks Killpower and sends him plummeting down a shaft.  On UnEarth, Death’s Head II defeats most of the Warheads but stops the battle when Liger explains why they were sent to kill him.  Back at Mys-Tech headquarters, more Avengers and X-Men die fighting the Psycho-Warriors.  Psylocke takes a gun blast to the face but survives.  Dark Angel senses the heroes are weaker than they should be, indicating the fabric of reality has been distorted.  Monitoring the battle, Algernon Crowe sends more Psycho-Warriors to join it. X-Factor arrives to aid the heroes, but their leader Havok is immediately killed.  The Knights of Pendragon appear and join the fight, too. The conflict stops when the Mys-Tech board comes out to face the heroes.  Dark Angel pleads that their scheme is destroying reality, but the board is dismissive.  Suddenly, Death’s Head II and the Warheads teleport in and attack the board. Unaware of Dark Angel’s warning not to harm the board members, Death’s Head decapitates Porlock.  Wolverine enters with Captain America and Motormouth and kills Crowe.  Horrified, Dr. Strange and Dark Angel warn the end of the world is imminent.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Knights of Pendragon Omnibus hardcover published in 2022.

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