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Synopsis for "Girl in a Trance"Edit

A guy meets a lonely girl who falls in love with him. Her unused love over the years acts so strong that it has the effect of a magic spell giving him promotions in his job.

Appearing in "Prisoner in Nowhere"Edit

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Synopsis for "Prisoner in Nowhere"Edit

A psychiatrist has a patient with the power to enter a parallel world where he is king. The doctor attempts to get the man to take him with him in order to dispel what he thinks to be a delusion, but is surprised when he actually finds himself in another place. His patient demands his subjects throw the doctor in a dungeon but he escapes and eventually forces his patient to return him to the world he is familiar with.

Appearing in "The Pushovers!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Pushovers!"Edit

Martians steal the torch from the statue of liberty, convincing a man who had formerly planned to betray his fellows for gold into risking his life to return it. The Martian emperor is swayed by his example of bravery and calls off the planned invasion.

Appearing in "They're Coming Closer"Edit

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Synopsis for "They're Coming Closer"Edit

A man uses a radio transmitter in order to defeat an attack of a robot army by jamming their remote control.

Appearing in "Behind the Mask"Edit

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Synopsis for "Behind the Mask"Edit

A writer encounters in real life the characters of the fictional crime drama he is just finishing up.

Appearing in "Torn and Tattered"Edit

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Synopsis for "Torn and Tattered"Edit

A worn magic carpet has one final chance to help a man perform an act of charity.


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