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Peter Parker is bullied by Flash Thompson just before a field trip to visit a science exhibit. There, he witnesses an experiment that, unknown to everyone, had irradiated a spider. The spider then bites Peter and immediately dies from its injuries. Nauseated, Peter stumbles out of the lab and is almost hit by a car. Instinctively, Peter leaps to safety and sticks to a wall.

Amazed, Peter skips school the next day to test out his abilities. Aunt May is concerned about Peter's well-being when he fails to respond to her questions, though Uncle Ben is unfazed and believed that Peter had the right to play hooky at least once.

Seeing a way to profit, Peter creates a costume and gets himself hired on a show, where he demonstrates his newly invented webshooters and spider-like powers. He performed under the name Spider-Man. After one such show, Spider-Man found himself involved in a chase after a robber that had just stolen money from the showrunners. Peter, fed up with being ordered around, refuses to help stop the crook.

Later, Peter returns home, where he finds the police outside and is given the news that Ben had been shot and killed by a robber.

Enraged, Peter dons the costume and goes after the robber in a warehouse. Cornering the crook, Spider-Man discovers that his target was also the man he failed to stop earlier. Still furious and devastated by his loss, Spider-Man dangled the crook over the edge of the roof and demanded that he admit Spider-Man had all the power. He does, but Spider-Man still refused to kill him, realizing that "with great power comes great responsibility."



  • The entertainment personality portrayed in this issue is a pastiche of late night variety show host Conan O'Brien.

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