New York City Police Department - 11th Precinct

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New York City Police Department - 11th Precinct

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When Mark Shaw was released from prison and decided to become Manhunter, a bounty hunter, he moved to New York City, near his family. He brought the majority of his busts to the 11th Precinct and developed relationships with several of the police officers stationed there including:

  • Lieutenant Lucius Best: The head officer at the 11th precinct, Lt. Best's early relationship with Mark Shaw was very adversarial as he did not agree with Mark's profession or actions. Over time their relationship became civil and Lt. Best even came to Mark's aid on occassion. Lucius is married and has a young daughter who saw Manhunter as a hero.
  • Sargent Sylvia Kandrey: Working in the records department, Sylvia was originally approached by Mark when he needed her help "off-the-record" to gain information on a child molester. Sylvia agreed to help at the cost of a reprimand and a 90-day probation. Mark repeatedly apologized to her and eventually they began a romantic relationship.
  • Warrant Officer Mark Felps: Felps was the second person at the 11th Precinct to approve of Mark Shaw's actions as he felt the police were struggling as it was without adding supervillains into the mix. He gladly helped Manhunter access information of wanted criminals.


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