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Quote1.png Logomancer -- our people are in danger of extinction, and this New Atlantis we're building...it means a great deal to me. It may be my last chance at redemption. This is my city. And I won't let it be destroyed by creatures that died long before we were born. ... You didn't hear that. The 'redemption' part. Quote2.png
-- Namor

Appearing in "Royal Blood (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Royal Blood (Part 3)"

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Solicit Synopsis

Continuing “ROYAL BLOOD,” the epic storyline that propels Marvel's Avenging Son into a new world of horror! Namor takes the Curse of the Mutants deep undersea as he leads a fierce assault on the underwater vampires’ eerie stronghold, far below the ocean floor. But as the First Mutant fights for his life, a dark secret from the past threatens Atlantis!

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