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Utopia. The sanctuary for mutants to escape a world that wants them extinct. So is it the ideal home for X-Factor? That's what Cyclops believes when he invites the world's only mutant detective agency to relocate to their floating island retreat and take up residence there. But will Madrox and his team believe that it's the best place for them? What old faces will pop up, and what old acquaintances will be renewed? And will there even be a Utopia left when the mysterious Crone shows up and threatens to bring the entire place crashing down into the Pacific?


  • It is unclear when this issue takes place since in the main X-Factor series the group isn't assembled the way it is here until Issue #206 and events from this issue are mentioned in Issue #205.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. X-Factor #207-#210
  3. X-Factor Vol 3 #33-#34
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