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National Comics #1 (July, 1940); cover art by Lou Fine.

National Comics was an anthology comic book series published by Quality Comics, from July, 1940 until November, 1949. It ran for 75 issues.

National Comics #1 introduced Will Eisner's Uncle Sam, a superhero version of the national personification of the United States. Other running features in the title included Wonder Boy, The Barker, and Quicksilver (later revamped by DC Comics as Max Mercury). In addition to Eisner, other comic artists and writers who contributed to National Comics included Jack Cole, Lou Fine, and Reed Crandall.

National Comics #18 (Dec, 1941), which hit the stands on November 1941, notably depicted a German attack on Pearl Harbor, a month before the actual Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base.

Other uses

National Comics #1 (May, 1999) was a one-shot comic published by DC Comics as part of the Justice Society Returns storyline.

New 52

On April 9, 2012, DC announced a revival of National Comics in order to expand upon the New 52 universe by focussing upon more obscure characters, such as Eternity, Madame X, Rose and Thorn, and Looker.[1][2]


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