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Neal Pozner

Real Name
Neal Pozner


Date of Birth
, 1955

Date of Death
June 21, 1994

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Neal Pozner is unknown.

Professional History

Neal Pozner (1955-1994) was a comic book writer, and the creative director of DC Comics until his death.

He was a comics fan in the late 1960s. As part of his fan activities, he interviewed Dick Giordano for a comic fanzine and collabrated with Robert Greenberger on various projects. He attended Cooper Union and received a BFA in Graphic Design.

He was a designer for CBS/Broadcasting, Arista and CTI Records, National Lampoon and other firms before he was hired at DC in 1977, when he designed the front cover for a tabloid-format book based on the then-upcoming Superman movie.[1] He was subsequently hired as DC's first real production designer.

He was responsible for the logo designs of; Ronin, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Aquaman (he also designed the character's blue "camouflage" uniform) and Atari Force.

In the aftermath of Pozner's 1994 death, artist Phil Jimenez, whom Pozner had hired to work at DC, and with whom Pozner had had a romantic relationship, chose to come out during a tribute to Pozner's life.



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