Creative team
Writer(s) Ilaria Volpe
Artist(s) Magnus

Necron is the title character of an Italian humorous-horror adult comics miniseries published between 1981 and 1985.


Necron debuted in January 1981, published by editor Edifumetto; the authors, writer Mirka Martini and illustrator Roberto Raviola, signed the comics with the pen names Ilaria Volpe and Magnus.[1] Necron was initially intended to be a single episode, but the publisher convinced the authors to make a whole miniseries.[1][2] The series closed after 11 episodes in November 1981, then the character returned in a twelfth out of series episode in 1983, and finally in two special issues in June 1985.[3] During the years, the series was republished and several anthologic books were released.[3]

Plot and style

The comic, a sexy-parody of Frankenstein, features the adventures of the nymphomaniac and necrophiliac mad doctor Frieda Boher and of his slave-lover Necron, a strong, well endowed and cannibal humanoid assembled with fragments of corpses.[3][4][5]

The series was critically appreciated for its visual style, different from the previous works of Magnus, here characterized for a more clean and elegant pencil mark,[1][6] so to be paired to the Franco-Belgianligne claire″.[1][5][7]


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