On the cover of Nemo #24, Boob McNutt says, "I'll wait for my street car in here where it's safe."

Nemo, the Classic Comics Library was a magazine devoted to the history and creators of vintage comic strips. Created by comics historian Rick Marschall, it was published in the 1980s by Fantagraphics.

Nemo ran for 31 issues (the last being a double issue) plus one annual. Most issues were edited by Marschall. The title was taken from the classic comic strip Little Nemo. While some issues were thematic, most were a mix of articles, interviews, comic strip reprints and more.

Marschall later went on to co-found another magazine about comics, Hogan's Alley.

Nemo Bookshelf

During that same period in the 1980s, Fantagraphics launched an imprint, Nemo Bookshelf, the Classic Comics Library. This was a line of classic comic strip reprint books, including Little Orphan Annie, Pogo, Red Barry, Dickie Dare, The Complete E. C. Segar Popeye and Prince Valiant.


  1. Terry and the Pirates
  2. Superman
  3. Popeye
  4. Flash Gordon
  5. Fantasy in Comics
  6. Alley Oop
  7. Disney legends
  8. Little Orphan Annie
  9. Hal Foster Interview
  10. Cartoon Christmas Cards
  11. Art of Charles Dana Gibson, Sam's Strip by Mort Walker and Jerry Dumas, Clare Victor Dwiggins, Nervy Nat by James Montgomery Flagg, Slim Jim
  12. Cartoonists and World War II
  13. Red Barry
  14. George McManus
  15. Milton Caniff's first art script
  16. Huck Finn
  17. Dick Tracy
  18. Al Capp
  19. Kerry Drake
  20. Golden Age of Comics Promotion
  21. King Aroo
  22. John Held Jr., Jimmy Swinnerton, 100 years ago, Joe Palooka
  23. Little Orphan Annie, Hi and Lois
  24. Rube Goldberg
  25. Edwina Dumm's Cap Stubbs and Tippie, Milton Caniff's advertising work, reminiscences by John Neville Wheeler, early work of Gene Ahern
  26. T. S. Sullivant's Unforgettable Comic Zoo
  27. Cartoon Art of Norman Rockwell, "Lovely Lilly" by Carolyn Wells, chalk-plate cartoon production, William Faulkner and The Comics, "White Boy" by Garrett Price
  28. Ethnic Images
  29. Gasoline Alley Sunday Pages, interview with Ferd Johnson and Texas Slim strips, Ming Foo by Nicholas Afonsky and Brandon Walsh
  30. Little Nemo, Joseph Keppler, Ernie Bushmiller
  31. Double Issue - Charles Schulz Interview, Milton Caniff, Krazy Kat, Cliff Sterrett

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