Neon the Unknown
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Cover to Hit Comics #9 (Quality Comics, March 1941)
Publication information
Publisher Quality Comics(1940-1956); DC Comics
First appearance Hit Comics #1 (July 1940)
Created by Jerry Iger
In-story information
Alter ego Tom Corbet
Team affiliations All-Star Squadron
Freedom Fighters
Abilities Flight on a spiral of light, Fires "neonic blasts" from hands

Neon the Unknown is a fictional superhero from the Golden Age of Comic Books created by Jerry Iger for Quality Comics. Neon first appeared in a story penciled and inked by Lou Fine in Hit Comics #1 and was featured on the cover of that same issue.[1] His stories ran in issues 1-17.

Like many characters owned by that company, he was later bought by DC Comics after Quality ceased operations.

Fictional character biography

Tom Corbet was a member of the Foreign Legion. While pursuing an enemy across the desert, his entire unit died of dehydration. Surely he would have suffered the same fate, if he hadn't found a magical oasis at the very last second. Corbet drank the glowing water and was transformed into Neon the Unknown, with the ability to fly and shoot energy from his hands.

On December 7, 1941, Neon was recruited by Uncle Sam to be a member of the Freedom Fighters, along with several other Quality Comics heroes, and defend Pearl Harbor from the Japanese attack. Uncle Sam, Miss America, Hourman, Invisible Hood, Magno, Red Torpedo, and Neon the Unknown fought valiantly. However, all but Uncle Sam were seemingly killed.[2]

As of the 2008 Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters mini series, Neon is revealed to be alive and has been living at his magical oasis (Magno is the only superhero who appears to have actually died in the defense of Pearl Harbor).

The new Neon

Called upon during a major crisis hitting the reformed Freedom Fighters, Tom Corbet is confronted by Lanford Terrill, the former Ray.[3] Now warped into a more powerful glowing form, but more detached from humanity, Corbet refuses his help, but lets Terrill drink from his magical oasis. Adding his light-based powers to Neon's energies, Lanford Terrill is now empowered as the new Neon the Unknown.


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