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"Beware the Creeper"

Harvey2.jpg Episode Title
"Beware the Creeper"
Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Jean MacCurdy, Haven Alexander
Quote1.png They call me... yellow-skinned whacky man! But I prefer 'the Creeper'! Quote2.png


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  • The names Joker's henchmen are based on those of the original Three Stooges.
  • When Ryder leaps from the woman's window, he says "Okay I love you buh-bye". This phrase is the chatchphrase of the character Mindy from another WB cartoon, Animaniacs.
  • While digging through the bargain bin in the clothing store, the Creeper holds up to the camera a mask that resembles Adam West's character from the 1966 Batman TV series.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy
Robin/Timothy Drake Mathew Valencia
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
The Creeper/Jack Ryder Jeff Bennett
Joker Mark Hamill
Harley Quinn Arleen Sorkin
Thrift Store Manager Elizabeth Daily
Billy West

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