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Synopsis for "Prey for the Living"

Injured, Rictor watches Caliban and Sabretooth savagely brawl.  He blasts Sabretooth with his vibratory powers to minimal effect, and Sabretooth hits him back.  A mile away in the tunnels, the New Mutants are ambushed by Masque and a pack of Morlocks. When Cable says the team is looking for one of their own, Masque lets them pass.  Ten minutes later, they find Caliban and Rictor.  Wolfsbane sees Sabretooth and lunges at him, but he swiftly smacks her aside.  While Cable has Boom-Boom use a time-bomb to collapse part of a tunnel onto Caliban, Sabretooth escapes with Rictor his captive.  Before Sabretooth can kill him, Rictor generates a massive earthquake that buries the killer under rubble.  The New Mutants soon find him, but Sabretooth emerges unharmed.  Masque and his Morlocks arrive and claim Sabretooth is theirs to kill until Caliban appears and insists on doing it himself.  The New Mutants watch as Caliban breaks Sabretooth’s back, seemingly killing him.  Cable declares justice served, and the team departs.  Days later at Xavier’s School, Rictor has recovered but remains wary of Cable. After Wolfsbane asks him to give Cable a chance, he goes to the Danger Room and sees Cable training alone.  Realizing Cable asks as much of himself as he does of the team, Rictor begins to respect him.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Cable and the New Mutants trade paperback (1992);
    • X-Force: Cable and the New Mutants hardcover (2011);
    • New Mutants Epic Collection vol. 7: Cable trade paperback (2020).


  • This issue's cover is possibly a homage to the cover of Rom #9.

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