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Synopsis for "Madripoor"

In Madripoor investigating the Mutant Liberation Front, the New Mutants are ambushed by a squad of armed mercenaries. Sunfire, the team’s contact, arrives and helps them defeat the mercs. Cable deduces that whoever the mercs work for is testing the team’s abilities. Elsewhere in the city, crime lord Nguyen Ngoc Coy calls Stryfe to complain about the New Mutants’ presence. Stryfe responds that he is sending a trio of MLF members to destroy them. Sunfire leads the New Mutants to Hightown and reveals that a drug traced to Madripoor was used to wipe out a Japanese village. Cable realizes the MLF is responsible, and Sunfire agrees to help defeat them. Using portable Cerebro units, the New Mutants track the MLF to a local wharf, and Cable sends Boom-Boom, Cannonball, and Warlock with Sunfire to reconnoiter the site. Meanwhile, Sunspot argues with Wolfsbane about her budding relationship with Rictor. Three MLF members—Dragoness, Kamikaze, and Sumo—attack the recon group and overpower Warlock. Stryfe arrives and boasts that he will use the drug to poison the water supply of Tokyo and other major cities. Nearby, Cable tackles a man sneaking down an alley whom Sunspot recognizes as Wolverine. Cable and Logan exchange blows, and despite Sunspot’s plea for them to stop, Logan attacks Cable.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Cable and the New Mutants trade paperback (1992);
    • X-Force: Cable and the New Mutants hardcover (2011);
    • New Mutants Epic Collection vol. 7: Cable trade paperback (2020).


  • Cable and Wolverine are seen together for the first time. It is revealed that they are not on good terms. The story of their first encounter is eventually told in Wolverine/Cable: Guts and Glory #1.

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